January 17, 2024

In attendance: Bill Andrews, Dave Ferguson, Wendy Pinta, Amber Keuhn, Mike Murphy, and Dale Robertson

Zoom Meeting called to order  at 6:06pm

Board Position discussion. Dale Robertson has resigned as President and will take on the role as Past President. Dave made the motion for Wendy to become President. Bill Andrews seconded motion. Motion carried. 

Treasurer position is open with Dan Lutz moving to Germany. Wendy made the motion for Amber to take the role. Dave seconded the motion. Motion passed. 

2 member at large positions open. 
Bill made the motion for Mike Murphy to fill the role. Dave seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Wendy made a motion that Laura Boucher fill the second member at large position. Bill seconded the motion. Motion carried.

2024 Board will be as follows:
President- Wendy 
VP – Dave
Treasurer- Amber 
Secretary – Bill
Member at Large – Mike Murphy
Member at Large – Laura Boucher
Past President- Dale Robertson 

2024 dues will be $25. Can be paid via check, cash, or  Venmo (to Amber). Dave working on PayPal account as it is not working. 

Meeting dates and times were decided as follows:
Feb 8 – Zoom call – business meeting followed by “Dust off your whistle”. Items to prepare for the start of the season. Bill will be the presenter.
Feb 25 – common major and minor fouls. Dave will be the presenter. Classes held by Wendy and Bill will be present. US North Commons 
March 3 – on field mechanics at UA 
March 23 – “Camera View Officiating.” Board members and experienced officials will be in the stands to have discussions and pointers of the Loyola vs Hill varsity game. 
April 21- “You make the call “. Rules and Mechanics Q and A amongst topics 

Wendy is following up and putting these on the website and Bill will put on myOHSAA. 

Wendy is holding a USL class for youth officials and Bill is having an OHSAA course. Bill applied for and was given a USAL grant of $750 for training. 

Items / reminders to be sent to the membership:
* tournament questionnaire 
* Pass the word to sign up for Central Ohio Womens lacrosse in dragonfly
* Bill is having a lacrosse class that interested people can sign up for now
* OHSAA and USL dues
* State online meeting available Feb 5
* Hannigan and JV Play Day dates 

Meeting adjourned at 7:39

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